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Dear Somebody


So, I sit here in BeHigh Headquarters in S Strase, the yellow light fills the room, my hands slightly tremble after yesterdays party (so forgive me my handwriting) and this is what I want to say – I declare that the WAR is over. I am not the prisoner of any war or situation. Nor anyone is taken as one. I declare the state of happiness and beauty. Now – is joy! Heaven is never-ending opening. And the Heart is the key. No more hunting or digging ditches or gathering. Only face to face confrontation. The Memory is a diamond covered with poison. Past is non-existent. Future – Ah! Continuation of events or contingency is an illusion. Predestined decrees override choices. Habits – crutches for disabled and lazy. Patience – a stand against violence. Any taken position or role – weakness of pride. I release my self from any past obligations and duties. And the rest rests upon Destiny. I firmly believe that by trying anyone can be were I am. I invite you to be there. Love is all there is. Be high!

With love always yours: Marshy

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