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Transmission from Behigh Planet

July 20, 2012



(for Liquid Crystal Radio Show, Berlin, Germany)




Hello!  This is transmission from BE HIGH Planet to anybody who can hear us.  We welcome you on BE HIGH Planet!  BE HIGH!  You have finally met us, trough space and time, through the development of the original migrating intelligence.  That intelligence started its  journey way back home billions and billions of years ago.  BE HIGH! 

The end of the road or the new start is finally reached. We have met.  Do not fear!  BE HIGH!  We come from the beginning of the world with this message for you!  We come before the BIG BANG before the BIG CABOOM!  Before the birth of the universe.  WELCOME.  We come here before the existence of space and time.  BE HIGH!   It’s impossible to locate BE HIGH planet by any co-ordination system.  BE HIGH!  It could be billions of light years away from this moment and this planet.  It could be right here.  NOW as you hear it!  Do not fear!  We have met! WELCOME!  We don’t measure distances with speed of light.  The speed of light is slow.  BE HIGH!  BE HIGH Planet consists purely of love as anything else for that matter.  The MATTER of BE HIGH Planet consists purely of belief.  As any other matter anywhere in this case.  BE HIGH!  Love understood by love dissolves everything!  Welcome!  Love is all there is!  Love is all there is!  Be HIGH!  You should not fear!  This is not war.  This is not peace.  This is love!  BE HIGH! 



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