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MAR SHY SUN on saatchi online –

July 20, 2012


bunnies in waterimages from unseen
new works

Be High Creative Group

 Be High Creative Group was created by Mar Shy Sun and Crypto 1 in 2000 Berlin, Germany.  It’s a loosely structured entity which consists of many people of varied backgrounds, nationalities and occupations.  For example their last produced film “Nu Vacuum” uses five different languages.  Their music,  art, film projects flourish from the input of artists from many countries.  The basic idea of the group putting simply is that any occupation in itself is trite and empty as long as it doesn’t try to encompass and express the whole human experience  and doesn’t serve it’s inherent purpose.  Be High aim is to reach potential elevated level of awareness and consciousness.  To allow themselves express freely the importance of love, advanced spiritual states and their values.  The neglect of these issues in overburdened materialistic society leads to decay and destruction per se.  We think ignorance equals evil.  We want through our joint endeavours to rejuvenate the energy of soul and spirit.  We stand firmly for the statement – light has no part in darkness and we stand high!


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